Thursday, January 12, 2012

Breakfast in Bed

I've been writing posts in my head again, which benefits no one.  Not even me I don't think!  :D

Still in Kuwait.  Still really like it.  We are trying to move to a regular apartment in the next couple of days as the hotel we are staying at is too expensive to stay in for long term, even with a discount!
We're trying to stay in Salmiya area or possibly Huwalli.  Both are nice areas, though Salmiya I think is said to be a bit nicer.

In any case, the place we will look at is even closer to the sea than where we are now (just a few blocks away) but it's on the other side of Salmiya, so further south along the coast.  I think.  lol
I've spent a lot of time looking on Google Earth, which is very handy.  And for such a small country it's a lot easier to start to memorize roads and areas.  Something that I've yet to manage for Cairo after 3 years.  Cairo is just too ginormous!

It's a bit warmer here than in Cairo now.  Maybe 10 degrees F or so.  But we have more cloudy / overcast days here.  However the weather seems inclined to change more frequently here.  Even on days where it's mostly overcast I usually still see the sun peeking out at some point.
We've had rain and thunderstorms a couple of times which is really wonderful.  Something I miss about living in the States.

I managed to make lemon squares a couple of days ago.  Funny thing - when I was breaking the eggs open, the yolks were positively orange!!  No shade of yellow in there, just orangey orange.  Too weird.  I think it's from the eggs being "omega 3" eggs?  Hubby picked them out from the store so it's what we had.  Not sure what difference they made to the lemon squares since I'm not eating egg at the moment.  Hubby said the squares did taste different but he couldn't say exactly why.

Also made fridge dill pickles for hubby.  He just eats them up!  Another funny thing I found, is that the vinegar I got from the store was artificial.  Never knew there was such a thing until I looked on the bottle and saw that.  I think the taste is the same but I find it weird there is even a need for artificial.

Looks like we should be here til my visa expires, which is 3 months from when we came.  At that point, I think we'll head back to Cairo for a week or two and then come back to Kuwait.  I think, if we can swing it, we will be spending most of our time living here.  July, August, September are too humid (from the sea proximity?) so those will most likely be spent in Cairo, which while it gets humid as well, I hear is nothing compared to how bad it gets in Kuwait.  However, in Kuwait, it seems that everything has air conditioning, unlike in Cairo where it's more of an exception than a norm.  Anyways, nothing solid yet, just winging it as we go.

I found a quilt group and they seem quite active.  Haven't been to one of their meetings yet but the quilt group meets twice a month and they have another group for yarn stuff (?) which also meets twice a month.  It might seem a little bit of putting the cart before the horse since I don't have a sewing machine yet, but I am told that we will be able to get one.  Fingers crossed!

And although I've shared some pictures on facebook, here are some others that I don't think I posted there.  Or maybe I'll just post the ones I like best.  Click on any image for a larger size.

Just love the sea here, so beautiful and restful.

Looking out our window to the left, this is our close view to the sea.

This was taken from the extent of our second walk.  The towers are the Kuwait Towers.  Hope to get there soon and get some pictures from the spheres.

Seems there's no avoiding McDonalds, no matter where you are in the world.  Equal opportunity givers of cholesterol.  lol

Place where they work on boats.  As we walked by, out in the parking lot area, the smell was SO bad.  I think they were painting or something.  It was awful.

My favorite shot of the sea I think.  Just sand and water.  *sigh*

I have a feeling some of the pictures might not show up right?  I'm getting a funny non image in part of the blogger interface, so if someone can let me know if they aren't showing up I would appreciate that.

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